Hotel Roof Greening & Mini Golf Putting Green Course
Hotel Roof greening & Mini Golf Putting Green Course
Hotel Roof Greening & Mini Golf Putting Green Course

"Hotel Roof Greening & Mini Golf Putting Green Course" is a concept that combines roof greening with a mini golf course. Roof greening refers to the practice of planting vegetation on the roofs of buildings, which can help reduce the urban heat island effect, improve air quality, and increase biodiversity. At the same time, roof greening can also improve the insulation and waterproofing performance of the building.

A mini golf putting green course is a small-scale golf course that can be played on a green lawn, suitable for people who love golf but do not have enough time or space to go to a regular golf course. It can be designed and arranged flexibly according to the actual situation of the roof, and can provide guests with a novel and interesting experience.

Therefore, the combination of hotel roof greening and mini golf course can not only improve the environmental quality and living comfort of the hotel, but also provide guests with additional entertainment and休闲activities, enhance the attractiveness of the hotel, and improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, it also conforms to the trend of green development and sustainable development, and is a win-win measure for both economic and environmental benefits.


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