Sports Artificial Grass Door Course or Golf Course
High Quality Leen Sports Artificial Grass for Door Course or Golf Course

Item Type:Artificial turf for Door Course or Golf Course
Item NO.:G01
Brand:Leen Turf
Application:Door Course or Golf Course
Service:OEM,ODM or Customized
Color:Interval double green(blackish green+ apple green) or customized
Dtex :6500
Stitch :150stitches/10cm (13-30stitches/10cm available)
Density:15750tufts/square meter
Pile Height:20mm( 20mm-30mm available)
Material :PP cloth+ non-woven or others(PP, PP+ grid, PP+ non-woven+ grid)
Glue use:SBR-latex
Life Cycle:5-8 years
Application Area:football/soccer field, sports field, etc.
Packing:PP bag or others
Certificate:CE, ISO9001,SGS,BV,ITS
1.Supply to Asia, USA,Europe,and Africa.
2.Good water permeability-----Make holes in every pitch of turf
3.Long use of life cycle-----5-8 Years
4.Excellent rebound resilience and softness performance -----Avoiding the injury

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