Artificial grass aesthetics and vision
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Summary:Let us analyze the characteristics of artificial turf products from an aesthetic and visual point of view.
Artificial grass aesthetics and vision
Artificial turf is widely welcomed because it can be simulated like real grass.
But artificial synthetic grass products have different structures and different colors. When the lawn is laid, there will be different aesthetics and different visual experiences.
The artificial turf used for the loft balcony in the backyard of the garden villa has different colors to choose from according to the preferences of each user. The 3-color synthetic grass is composed of three different greens. The combination of dark green, medium green and light green is close to summer. When the plants are at their most lush, there is no color attenuation; 4-color lawns, the straight part is composed of two or three greens, dark green plus light green or medium green, and the curved part is composed of brown, brown and yellow, this kind of synthetic lawn is more Like a grass in autumn, if the curly part consists of light green and yellow parts, it is more like a lawn in winter.
If the curved yarn is fuller, it may increase the number of strands, which can not only get better support, but also be more comfortable.
If you increase the number of straight yarns, you get a better feel and of course a more natural feel.
If you were looking to get artificial grass synthetic turf for your own home, which type would you prefer? Please let me know your options.
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