Job:Exclusive for global sales
Work experience:More than 1 year
Jobs introduced
Our products are sold to different countries around the world, so we recruit sales representatives globally.
1. Responsible for the development of local markets;
2. Responsible for the work of distributors and wholesalers;
3. Provide excellent services to customers;
4. Provide technical services to customers;
5. Logistics information tracking and services.
Job requirements
Recruitment requirements: 1. Familiar with the market of artificial turf and carpet products in the local area, with relevant industry work experience; 2. Familiar with international freight and customs rules of your country and region; 3. Have customer experience, be familiar with customer communication processes, and be able to provide high-quality service to customers; 4. Age range from 25 to 55 years old, regardless of gender; 5. Be amiable, honest, and friendly.
Contact:Mr JR
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